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Update – Long-tailed Macaque ‘Jeng’

Four weeks ago the WFFT Vet Team were called by Kasetsart University to help with a young female long-tailed macaque ‘Jeng’. We were told she had been attacked by another macaque on the beach in Hua Hin and taken to the university for treatment. See more of the rescue story at

Since being at WFFT Jeng has received daily treatment and her wounds have healed well. A decision had to be made about her future. The locals who found her were contacted to verify exactly where she had come from. The WFFT vet team then went to the area to check if it was suitable to release her. What the team found was small scraps of wasteland surrounded by recent developments. If there were any macaques living in this area they have a very uncertain future due to the encroachment of humans on their territory. Between a busy road and the sea they have to survive on scraps and stolen snacks. This was quickly ruled out as a suitable place to release a young macaque.

It would not be possible to release her with another troop in a suitable area as they would likely attack and kill her.

The difficult decision was then made that Jeng would remain at WFFT. She will be matched with a troop of macaques of a similar age and eventually released onto a large open enclosure. This is not the outcome we had hoped for but is in her best long term interest.

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