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Wildlife Rescue Centre

Since its inception the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre has given shelter to 1000’s of wild animals. Many of these animals are rehabilitated and released back to the wild. Those that cannot be released are provided with shelter for the rest of their lives.

The Wildlife Rescue Centre is the perfect place for volunteering with animals. We require a team of dedicated volunteers throughout the year. With us, you will have the amazing opportunity to volunteer in Thailand, working with animals and helping us to care for a wide variety of rescued wildlife.

Thailand has rich, biological diversity. However, sadly increasingly, human pressures such as over exploitation, habitat loss and habitat degradation, are pushing many of Thailand creatures to the brink of extinction. Young gibbons, macaques, lorises, bears and other wild animals are commonly illegally poached from the wild to be sold as pets, photo- props and are used in other inhumane tourist attractions. WFFT is trying its best to get those animals out of the miserable conditions they are living in, and to educate both local and international communities about animal welfare and wildlife conservation.

At the rescue center you will find 6 species of gibbon, 5 species of macaque, lorises, 2 species of langur, 2 species of bear, small wild cats, various civet species, reptiles, otters, birds and many more. All the animals you will see around the center have been rescued from poor living conditions, saved from the illegal wildlife trade, the pet industry, the tourism and entertainment industry, or directly from the wild, where they may have been victims of road traffic accidents, dog attacks or other human caused accidents.

Where feasible we try to provide the rescued animals within our care an environment as close to “nature” as possible. Our overall objective will always be to rehabilitate and release these animals back to the wild. Unfortunately for the majority of the animals you see around the center, this is often difficult and in some cases not feasible at all.

The center always needs help from animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts whether in the form of volunteer work, donations or professional help such as veterinary experience.

At the Wildlife Rescue Centre volunteers usually work long days, around 8-9 hours; without the invaluable contribution from volunteers the center would simply not be able to function. Although difficult at times the volunteer work at WFFT is highly rewarding.

We take our rescue and rehabilitation work very seriously. Please be aware the WRC is strictly hands off. Volunteers will have no physical interaction with animals but will provide the essential daily and long-term needs of the animals, such as feeding, cleaning enclosures and providing stimulation in the form of behavioral and environmental enrichments.

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Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand needs your help! Connect with us and share our stories. If you are in Thailand find out how you can help. Come visit us and get involved.

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