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Some volunteers ask us if there is anything they can bring to help us with the animals at the center. We are very appreciative of anything you can bring us. Below is a general Iist of items we are commonly in need of. If you are veterinary professional, and wish to donate more specialized veterinary items, please contact us and we will provided you with more specific information on things needed, and how to get them into the country.

For the wildlife hospital

  • ‘Spot on’ against fleas, ticks, and ‘Spot on’ that also work against mites, for example Selamectin, Revolution etc. – Plasters and bandages
  • Pet clippers
  • Raptor handling gloves
  • Hot water bottles
  • Deworming for the dogs and cats, also for puppies
  • Puppy and kitten milk (as powder)
  • Deflea and detick shampoo
  • Strong pet toys for the dogs/cats/animals
  • Leads and collars to walk with the dogs
  • Cones for after surgery
  • Pet suits for after surgery
  • Syringes
  • Vitamins for dogs and cats
  • Bird vitamins and deworming
  • Cuddly teddy bears and soft childrens toys for infant animals

For the WRC and EREC

  • Zip ties
  • Carabiners (small and large)
  • Dried or canned insects for insectivores (Mealworms, crickets etc.)
  • Nail polishes
  • Keyring labels and keyrings
  • Food bowls small and large
  • Ropes
  • Old towels and sheets
  • Commercially available pet and animal enrichment such as: Puzzle feeders, Kongs, Balls etc
  • White board markers
  • Work gloves
  • Large inflatable yoga balls for elephants to play with
  • Jams and peanut butter
  • Bubbles
  • Small floating buoys
  • Hanging feed nets (for horses)
  • Unsalted nuts
  • Reptile pellets/specialized food
  • Birdseed and pellets

We are always looking for larger and more specialized enrichments such as ‘boomer’ and feeder balls, bungee toys etc. and husbandry equipment such as elephant nail filing tools, medical equipment etc. If you think you can help with specialized animal husbandry equipment, please contact


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