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Adoptions of animals, their enclosures and facilities at WFFT enable us to raise funds, helping us to provide quality health and conditions for the animals in our care and enable us to continue our valuable work

We will send you an A4 colour adoption certificate via email, formally acknowledging your contribution. If you wish to sponsor adoption on behalf of another person or a group, then please let us know and we will happily facilitate the wording you require on the certificate.

Rates are as follows:
1 years adoption @ 35 Euros ( $50 US ) – 2 years adoption @ 55 Euros ( $80 US ) – 5 years adoption @ 140 Euros ( $200 US )

On this page you will find a few named individuals that you may wish to select and you are welcome to select more than one item to add to your cart before or after checkout.

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