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Adoptions can be purchased for yourself, as a gift for loved ones or in memory of a special person.

We will formally acknowledge your contribution with a certificate and if you would like to arrange for the certificate to contain details of another person or organisation, we are happy to facilitate your wishes.

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Banditcrab-eating macaque – Bandit arrived at WFFT in 2005, when she was just 10 months old. She was born missing three limbs! Sadly, she was abandoned by her troop and then taken to a local temple, then eventually to WFFT for essential care. Initially, we didn’t think Bandit would manage in a large social group given her physical limitations. However, she is well integrated into a large group where she helps take care of other orphans. She can climb, play, forage and do everything the other macaques do. Please sponsor this special girl today. 

Bongwhite-cheeked gibbon – We rescued Bong in 2005 when she was 14 years old. Bong was kept as a pet and lived all alone. She spent her whole life in Bangkok! Although her owner was trying to take care of her and cared about her, he knew she needed a better life. Bong now lives in a spacious enclosure high up in the trees with her husband Seb – another rescued white-cheeked gibbon. Become beautiful Bong’s sponsor.

Chevroletnorthern pig-tailed macaque – Chevrolet arrived at WFFT in 2001. He was the 6th animal to be rescued by WFFT so is one of the longest resident animals. He was rescued from the pet trade. Now today, he lives in a large open enclosure with lots of fellow northern pig-tailed macaque friends. Please sponsor this older boy today. 

Gilbertpileated gibbon – This handsome boy was rescued from exploitation. He was used as a photo prop. He was about 7 years old when we rescued him, in very poor physical condition. When gibbons are kept as pets or photo props, the chances are high that they have never met another one of their own species before, so at WFFT we have to teach them how to be gibbons. Help us give Gilbert a better life. 

Halabalaagile gibbon – He arrived at WFFT in September 2019. At this time he was only 6 months old. His childhood couldn’t have been any worse. He witnessed his parents’ death in front of his little black eyes in Southern Thailand. He was still clinging to his dead mother when the hunters who shot his parents came and took him away to become a product in the wildlife pet trade. Halabala was sold on the black market, someone bought him as a pet, but they couldn’t handle him and dumped him at a temple. He lives now in our Gibbon Rehabilitation Enclosures, where he learns how to climb and to behave like a gibbon. Sponsor this handsome boy today. 

Jeawstump-tailed macaque – Beautiful Jeaw was rescued from the pet trade where she was kept in terrible conditions. She is a unique species that require the subtropical and tropical broadleaf evergreen forests for shelter and food, she should not, like all wildlife, be kept in a house.  She was incredibly obese when rescued – she was fed all the wrong foods. The vets found she has a heart condition which we need to monitor. Since being on a normal diet and being more active, she is enjoying her life with her fellow stump-tailed macaque friends. Sponsor her today. 

Kotrhesus macaque – Many of the primates at WFFT have been rescued from lives as neglected or abandoned pets. This is the case with Kot. After being cruelly snatched away from his natural environment, he was taken to live in poor conditions in the busy city of Bangkok. Thankfully his owner eventually decided to give him a second chance at life. Now he lives with members of his own species and Kot is the dominant male in his group. Help us continue providing him with this care. 

Neelar gibbon – Nee is a very special boy and a firm favourite amongst staff and volunteers. Nee was rescued in 2001. He was kept as a pet for eight years. He was given all the wrong foods which caused diabetes and eventually, blindness.  This meant that WFFT would need to provide him with a forever home. He is a very calm and gentle boy and even with his lack of sight, he still enjoys his tasty daily enrichment. Sponsor our blind boy, Nee today.

Roseassam macaque – Rose is somewhat of a celebrity WFFT. Everybody knows and loves Rose. She is an elderly macaque who requires special care. She was rescued from a dog home in Bangkok.  Along with a poor diet, Rose was also confined to a tiny space and was extremely subdued when we rescued her. After her rescue, she lived for a long time in a large group. Then, later on, she lost most of her sight and she was moved to our quarantine area for extra TLC. After such a terrible life as a pet, she deserves the best care. Sponsor beautiful Rose and help her get the care she deserves. 

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