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Bears & Nocturnal Animals


Adoptions can be purchased for yourself, as a gift for loved ones or in memory of a special person.

We will formally acknowledge your contribution with a certificate and if you would like to arrange for the certificate to contain details of another person or organisation, we are happy to facilitate your wishes.

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Galamair – malayan sun bear – This beautiful girl was rescued as an eight-month-old cub after her mother was murdered in front of her by hunters. She was then bought as a pet and soon became aggressive (she is a bear, after all) and was surrendered. WFFT took her in to provide her with a life as close to natural as possible. Become Galamair’s sponsor and ensure she continues to live a better life. 

Jammyasiatic black bear – Jammy is a female Asiatic Black Bear who was rescued in May of 2009. She was kept as a pet when she was a cub after having seen her mother get murdered so the poachers could sell her in the illegal wildlife trade. Jammy was a traumatised bear after her terrible experiences and it took a long time to introduce her to other bears. Over time she has learnt how to be a bear and enjoys a fully enriched life at WFFT.  Help us give her the best life possible and sponsor her today.

Jazzyasiatic black bear – Jazzy is a female Asiatic Black Bear who was rescued in late 2005. She was poached from the wild as a cub and sold into the illegal wildlife trade. Jazzy was placed in a small cage at a market in Kanchanaburi, next to another Asiatic Black Bear cub, named Jeffrey. They were soon to be placed in new homes when WFFT got a tip and went to find the cubs. Jazzy had to be hand-reared and now today is a fully-grown majestic bear. She will live out her days at WFFT in a large enclosure. Sponsor Jazzy today. 

Kamalamalayan sun bear – Kamala was rescued in February 2010 as a three-month-old cub. She was illegally poached from the wild and sold as a pet. Thankfully she was given up quickly. Kamala had to be hand-reared by our medical team. Now she is very settled with her other bear friends living in a large, enriched enclosure. Help us keep Kalama happy and sponsor her today.

Leoleopard cat – this boy arrived at WFFT in 2014. He was a four-month-old kitten and was rescued from the pet trade. Now he lives in a large enclosure and we hope, one day, he can be reintroduced to the wild. Sponsor Leo’s care. 

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