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With your kindness, we can help more. Can you give a one-off or monthly gift to help Thailand’s street dogs and cats?

People and Animals Thailand (PAT) Clinic

People And Animals Thailand (PAT) clinic is located between Hua Hin and Cha Am. The clinic was set up specifically to humanely manage the overpopulation of street cats and dogs in the area.

Every year, millions of kittens and puppies are born on the streets of Thailand. Tragically, most are unlikely to survive the first few weeks of life. The majority will succumb to starvation, disease, road accidents or other horrible deaths. Through our spay/ neuter and vaccination programme, our goal is to reduce the suffering of street dogs and cats. If fewer animals are born on the streets, then less will be born into a short life of misery. People and Animals Thailand is a free spay and neuter clinic for the regions of Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan. 

Find out more at the People and Animals Thailand website.

With a purpose-built operating theatre using modern anaesthesia and surgical techniques, the team are able to desex and vaccinate around 200-300 street animals per month.

PAT Clinic
PAT Clinic Puppy
PAT Clinic Injured Puppy
PAT Clinic Kittens

Why a spay and neuter programme?

Desexing street animals is the most humane way to resolve the problem of overpopulation, long term. This sterilisation project returns animals to their area on the same day, thereby minimising problems and enhancing animal welfare.  PAT is able to sterilise and vaccinate a street dog or cat for around 550 baht each (approx 13 GBP or 15 EURO).

Please note, APPOINTMENTS ARE ESSENTIAL. We cannot accept animals without booking in advance. Please contact our team for more info: Telephone: 099-9292530 Line: @patchaam or through Facebook.

Volunteer with People and Animals Thailand

The PAT clinic offers volunteer vet and non-veterinary programmes.  You can volunteer with dogs and cats regardless of experience. Furthermore, the volunteer fees are essential to enable us to undertake this programme.

Find out more about volunteering.

PAT Clinic Vaccination
PAT Helping Injured Dog
PAT Outreach
PAT Outreach

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