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Rescued macaque, Wang, released back to the wild

After three weeks of dedicated care at the WFFT wildlife hospital, Wang, a wild long-tailed macaque from a local temple, successfully recuperated and was released back to his habitat.

Our team rescued Wang in response to reports of him falling off nearby house walls and exhibiting signs of lethargy.

Upon his arrival at the WFFT wildlife hospital, a startling revelation emerged: X-rays unveiled numerous bullets embedded throughout his body. While most of these bullets were remnants of past incidents and were healed, one new bullet through his right eye, we feared, left him blind. Amazingly, after a few weeks of urgent care, his eye and sight recovered, as did the wounds to his mouth and gums.

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The prevalence of human-wildlife conflict with macaques in Thailand underscores the pressing need for conservation efforts, especially in the face of limited wild habitats that force these animals to coexist with humans. Long-tailed macaques are classified as Endangered, and like all wildlife, require our protection, not persecution.

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