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Heart’s Rescue – a 40-year-old armless gibbon

We are pleased to announce the rescue and safe arrival of Heart, a white-handed gibbon who is more than 40 years old.

It is likely that she was stolen from the wild as an infant and then sold into the illegal wildlife trade.

Around 20 years ago, she escaped her cage and was electrocuted, resulting in the tragic amputation of both of her hands and lower arms.

Upon learning of Heart’s situation, we swiftly organised a rescue mission. After travelling nearly 5 hours, the team found Heart in surprisingly good health. Her gentle temperament enabled a smooth and quick rescue.

Now, Heart will be a lifelong resident at the WFFT sanctuary. Our first priority is to assess her health and capabilities to determine her needs for a specialised gibbon enclosure. This is where you come in. Donations are crucial to provide her with the necessary enclosure and care. Heart will rely on supporters like you for the rest of her life.

Despite her physical challenges, Heart demonstrates remarkable agility and adaptability. Using her feet as hands, she navigates her environment with grace and determination.

Your contributions can make a tangible difference in Heart’s life. Every donation, regardless of size, ensures her well-being and future. Please donate if you can.

Heart at time of rescue

Heart’s home for decades

Our rescue team arriving for Heart

Removing Heart from her cage

Heart’s rescue

Heart arriving at WFFT

Heart eating in her temporary enclosure at WFFT

Heart arriving at WFFT

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