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Rescued: Macaque Wang, a Victim of Extreme Cruelty

Wang, a wild long-tailed macaque from a local temple, was rescued by our team after reports of him falling off nearby house walls and appearing lethargic. However, a shocking discovery awaited us upon his arrival at the WFFT wildlife hospital: X-rays revealed his body was riddled with bullets.

While most of the bullets are old and the wounds healed, one has rendered Wang blind in his right eye. Fortunately, it did not penetrate his skull. Additionally, he has wounds on his lower lip and gums.

Human-wildlife conflict with macaques is prevalent in Thailand due to limited wild habitats, leading them to cohabit cities or towns with people. Long-tailed macaques are classified as Endangered and like all wildlife, require protection.

Our current objective is to support Wang through his healing journey, aiming to eventually reintroduce him to the wild.

Emergency treatment for wildlife like Wang is made possible through donations from kind people like you. Your generous contribution can provide the urgent care he desperately needs.

Please consider making a donation today to aid in Wang’s rehabilitation and support future rescues like his. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of these amazing animals.

Wang’s rescue

Wang on the way to WFFT

Wang arriving at WFFT

Wang’s X-rays

Treating for injuries

Treating macaque for injuries

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