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New Coconut Monkey arrives at WFFT following years of abuse

Macaques used for coconut harvesting endure some of the harshest conditions imaginable. These intelligent primates are often subjected to a life of relentless abuse. Sen’s story, a Northern Pig-Tailed Macaque, exemplifies the severe maltreatment these animals face.

Macaques like Sen are forced to climb trees and harvest coconuts. When they are not working, they are typically kept chained to trees. This restrictive and isolating life leads to severe emotional trauma. The solitary confinement and constant physical abuse inflict deep psychological scars, causing many to develop self-harming behaviours.

Sen was recently rescued from the tourist island of Koh Samui with the help of Phil from Samui Snake Rescue, a dedicated wildlife rescue partner, and Samui Street Dogs. Sen’s release marks a new beginning for this intelligent macaque who has spent his entire life under the shadow of fear and violence. When rescued, he still bore the physical reminder of his past—a chain around his neck.

Rehabilitation and Care

Now begins the challenging process of rehabilitating Sen. Coconut monkeys are usually kept solitary for most of their lives. This leaves them with little to no social skills, and, often, serious health issues due to the lack of veterinary care.

We are committed to providing Sen with the care and support he needs. The journey might be long, but with the support of compassionate individuals like you, there is hope for Sen. 

Now at WFFT, he is getting the veterinary attention, diet and care he needs. Furthermore, his self-harming behaviours have reduced since his arrival.

Together, can we make a difference in the lives of coconut monkeys and other abused animals, offering them a second chance in life. 

Please donate to help animals like Sen. Your contributions make it possible for us to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide lifelong care for animals who urgently need a better future.

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