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The Arrival of a Little Miracle…

Last week the WFFT Rescue Team headed out to assist a human rescue NGO in Phetchaburi with the rescue of a wild long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis) who had been viciously attacked by street dogs. The team were saddened to find an elderly female macaque who was both blind and deaf, covered in deep wounds sustained from the attack. She was rushed back to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital for urgent treatment. Her wounds were tended to and she was moved to the WFFT Quarantine Centre were she could settle in, in a safe quiet environment. Her wounds began to heal, she had a great appetite and managed to navigate her way around her new home using her hands to guide her. We named her ‘Janice’. We estimate that she is at least 20 years old, for an urban macaque, this means she is in the latter stages of her life.

After three days of being at WFFT to the astonishment of us all she gave birth to a healthy little boy we have named ‘Caesar’. We assumed the worse for this badly injured monkey due to her age and disabilities. A week after giving birth both Janice and Caesar are doing amazingly well. Janice is clearly an experienced mother; she is yet to take her hands of her very special little bundle of joy, though he is already trying to explore by himself. To add further hope for this very special pair, Janice’s eye sight seems to be improving, she can see some movement and light.

Nature has a way; this story provides us all with hope. The things we force these animals to endure followed by their relentless willpower to survive is remarkable. We will of course keep you posted on this incredible story.

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