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LATEST RESCUE — 3 Monkeys in 1 Day

LATEST RESCUE --- 3 Monkeys in 1 Day The WFFT Rescue Team headed to Chumphon this week with a little trepidation. The last trip did not end well for the team or the vehicle as they fell victim to Thailand’s notorious traffic. However when animals are in need of help…

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WFFT Wildlife Hospital

WFFT has a fully operational wildlife hospital that treats thousands of animals every year. We also offer treatment for our local community and welcome veterinary professionals and students from all over the world. Let the vets in your life know they can participate in exciting rescues, rehabilitation, and releases with…

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2 Pig Tailed Macaques Rescued

WFFT rescued 2 northern pig tailed macaques from a resort and horse riding school in Pattaya. They were originally kept as pets to ward off other macaques, but when they started lunging at passing horses, they were moved into small cages. When ownership of the resort changed hands, their care…

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It’s Raining Owls!

There have been many wildfires during this dry season in Thailand. These fires have been pushing wildlife out of their habitats and into human areas. This week we took in several rescues consisting of spotted, barn, and collared scops owls.   These owls range in age from just days old…

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World Wildlife Day

Today is World Wildlife Day! In WFFT’s 18 year history, we have rescued, rehabilitated, and released thousands of wild animals. We only have one planet to share with all forms of life, so we must continue fighting to protect them and their habitats! #worldwildlifeday

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