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Surgery and much needed relief for Asiatic Black Bear, Ginny

Ginny had been suffering from a swollen and irritated third eyelid protrusion, and required specialist surgery to correct it and bring her much-needed relief.

A specialist, Dr. Aue, joined our team from the Mahanakorn University of Technology in Bangkok. The procedure went very smoothly and Ginny has been recovering nicely, with anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, for around a week to aid the healing process. 

Sweet Ginny was rescued back in 2022 from Phuket Zoo. She spent more than 20 years of her life in a small cage and was fed a poor diet and lacked veterinary care.

Ginny is a bit of a nervous bear and spends a lot of time indoors, despite having a large outdoor enclosure.

At her age, it won’t be uncommon for Ginny to experience a few health issues. At our sanctuary, she has the access to vet care she needs now. None of what we do for our rescued animals would be possible without supporters like you. 

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