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WFFT opens ‘Stripes Restaurant’ at Tiger Rescue Centre

Our latest venture, ‘Stripes Restaurant,’ is now open!

Offering a delicious gastronomic experience, every visit supports the care and welfare of the magnificent rescued big cats at our sanctuary.

Join us from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10am and 6pm, for a delightful lunch or delicious coffee against the backdrop of breathtaking vistas. Experience the thrill of observing our tigers from our scenic terrace while knowing your patronage contributes to their well-being.

On 7 June 2024, we hosted an opening event and welcomed around 60 guests to sample the gastronomic delights, enjoy the views, and take a short tour around our Tiger Rescue Centre.

Stripes also accommodates larger gatherings and evening events. We look forward to hosting you!

Click here for more about ‘Stripes Restaurant’ and updates.

About the Tiger Rescue Centre

The dire situation that tigers face due to exploitation in the tourism industry, as well as the gradual fragmentation of their natural habitat, prompted the establishment of the Tiger Rescue Centre at WFFT. Here, we undertake the crucial task of rescuing and rehabilitating abused captive tigers, providing a permanent sanctuary for those unfit for release into the wild.

Our rescue centre also serves as a vital platform for raising awareness about wildlife conservation and combating animal exploitation. Through educational programs targeting tourists and local communities, we highlight the urgent challenges facing tigers today and advocate for their protection for future generations.

Currently, we care for more than 20 tigers, many of whom were rescued from horrendous circumstances. These tigers endured years of confinement in cramped concrete cages. Some were rescued from Phuket Zoo, while the majority were saved from a notorious tiger farm, marking the biggest tiger rescue ever conducted by an NGO in Thailand.

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