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Release of Temple Turtles

About a month ago we rescued over 60 turtles from deplorable conditions at a temple. They spent this time rehabilitating in our new enclosures with fresh food, water, and shelter. 27 (Black Marsh, Giant Asian Pond, Mountain Hinged, Box, and Snail Eating) vulnerable and endangered turtles were released this week…

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Spring-cleaning for some exigent and messy little ones

Rescuing, caring, offering medical support, feeding and of course cleaning are part of the WFFT everyday life. Our volunteers are always happy to contribute to this mission. An appropriate and clean environment is as essential for the well-being of our residents as appropriate food or care! Recently the Centre's Baby…

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“Not cute anymore!”

Earlier this week, a male Sunda Slow Loris was brought to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital. The owner of the poor little animal didn't find him cute enough anymore so decided to get rid of him and abandoned him at a vet clinic. One veterinarian there was aware of the work…

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UPDATE – Temple Rescue

Take a look at the Temple Animal Rescue Mission from last month. Check out the rescued animals enjoying their new home. See the full story here: Well done to the whole team and thank you to all that made this rescue possible.

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Volunteers Helping Create WFFT’s Newest Turtle Area

Following the WFFT biggest ever rescue operation (see the full story here: & ), more than 60 turtles needed a new temporary home at WFFT so they could be brought back to full health before returning back back to the wild. This new home provides them with a…

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BREAKING NEWS — Boon Dee is Free

Yesterday the WFFT Elephant Refuge welcomed another new soul to the herd. Boon Dee is half blind and has been rescued from a trekking camp in Pattaya. The rescue was made possible by the generous support of Joan Pearson who is again visiting WFFT from Australia. The difference with this…

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BREAKING NEWS — 105 Animals Saved (Part 2)

Having finally agreed to hand over the animals, after months of negotiations and changes of mind, the WFFT Rescue Team had to act as quickly as possible before the Abbot had another change of heart. The rescue team are well experienced in handling all the various species, but have never…

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