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WFFT Highlights – January 2019

Here are some of the highlights at WFFT this January. Watch 2 otters play when they were finally paired. They had been acclimating to each other in adjacent enclosures for some time. When the tunnels were opened, they couldn’t contain their excitement and immediately took off to romp together.

Two porcupines from our massive temple rescue last year were moved into a large grassy enclosure shared with civets. They walked on grass for the first time after years of living in a concrete hole.

Picha was one of our more distinctive rescues this month. She had a lock and chain around her neck when we arrived and was very grateful when they were finally removed.

As for regular caregiving, one of our elephants gets eye drops for conjunctivitis, and our baby tortoises were dewormed while fresh grass was laid in their enclosure. We also released a hare and monitor lizard this month!

Joe, a beloved macaque, passed away. He lived to be over 28 while the life expectancy of macaques in captivity is 25. He spent his first 25 years living in a rat and feces infested hole. His last 3 years at WFFT were spent in a large grassy forested enclosure with fresh foods, friends, and freedom. RIP Joe. We miss you.

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