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WFFT Highlights – February 2019

-We had many releases this month! Kicking things off were 3 wild male macaques who were raiding homes. They were relocated to a safe protected area. -We have had numerous wildfires near us lately which may have contributed to why this rat snake waltzed right into our hospital. It was…

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WFFT Highlights – January 2019

Here are some of the highlights at WFFT this January. Watch 2 otters play when they were finally paired. They had been acclimating to each other in adjacent enclosures for some time. When the tunnels were opened, they couldn’t contain their excitement and immediately took off to romp together. Two…

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Endoscopic Sterilization and Release

We recently rescued and treated a half blind long-tailed macaque for ingesting insecticide. Because she came from a high-density macaque troop in an urban area, we also decided to perform endoscopic sterilization to contribute to population control. This endoscopic method is much less invasive and allows for a short recovery…

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Pangolin Relocation

It’s not every day that we cross paths with a pangolin! A farmer found this sweet pangolin on his plantation very far from any natural habitat. His friend wanted to buy it off him so we are very glad that he came to WFFT instead!   The nocturnal and shy…

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Weekly Roundup (Nov 16 – 30, 2018)

These highlights feature the rescue of a juvenile langur from a life in chains, a spa day with an elephant, a release of a feisty loris, transfer of a deer to a pre-release center, an orangutan using tools, and a heartwarming afternoon with a foster mom and her adopted baby…

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Baby Macaque Hangover

Recently the vet team were called to help a baby long tailed macaque that was so sick even his mother had abandoned him. Located at a temple in Petchaburi he was brought to the wildlife hospital at WFFT. With no signs of wounds, apparently blind and almost comatose the vet…

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Release of Temple Turtles

About a month ago we rescued over 60 turtles from deplorable conditions at a temple. They spent this time rehabilitating in our new enclosures with fresh food, water, and shelter. 27 (Black Marsh, Giant Asian Pond, Mountain Hinged, Box, and Snail Eating) vulnerable and endangered turtles were released this week…

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Freedom Boogie!

We recently released a family of four gibbons onto a new island for their rehabilitation. Enjoy this gif and stay tuned for more process photos and updates!

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Dobby Goes Home

Remember Dobby the Asiatic softshell turtle..? He came to WFFT a month ago after being found in someones garden. He has spent a month at the WFFT Wildlife Hospital getting ready to head back to the wild. Two days ago he did just that, he was taken to protected lake…

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