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Two new macaques rescued from Koh Samui

New urgent rescues from Koh Samui arrive safely at WFFT.

A few days ago, a small team undertook an urgent rescue of macaques, Jenny and Lay, from the tourist island of Koh Samui. Jenny is a stump-tailed macaque and Lay is a Northern pig-tailed macaque. Neither of these species are found in the wild in Koh Samui.

They were both cruelly dumped in the forest, where they had little hope of survival. They might have been ex-pets, or even, possibly used in the brutal coconut harvesting industry. Coconut monkeys spend their lives in chains, beaten into submission, to climb trees every day to collect coconuts for consumers around the world. We never really know the true extent of the exploitation and cruelty experienced by many of the animals who arrive into our care. But, now, Jenny and Lay will start a new chapter of their lives at WFFT. Can you donate towards their care?

Lay had a wire chain embedded in her neck, which caused a deep, painful wound. Left untreated, it could have become horribly infected. She must have been in a lot of pain.

Both of these endangered macaques have now started their quarantine period at WFFT and are getting the veterinary care they need. We are excited to (try and) introduce Jenny to some of our other resident stump-tailed macaques and integrate her into an existing troop. For all we know, she has never even met another of her species before.

Once Lay is better, we hope, too, that she will befriend another pig-tailed macaque – we have many males here so there is a good chance that she will take a fancy to one of our handsome chaps.

It is only with the help of animal lovers like you that we can provide these girls with the veterinary care and sanctuary they will now need for the rest of their lives. $10 per month can feed Jenny or Lay. Could you please sponsor their care with a gift? By doing so, you enable future rescues to be possible, too.

Lay During Rescue

Lay during rescue

Removing Chain Around Neck

Removing chain around neck

Lay's Terrible Wound

Lay’s terrible wound

The Chain From Lay's Neck

The chain from Lay’s neck

Jenny During Rescue

Jenny during rescue

Rescue Of Lay And Jenny

Rescue of Lay and Jenny

On The Way To WFFT

On the way to WFFT


Lay at WFFT

Jenny At WFFT

Jenny at WFFT

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