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Monkey with tumor finally caught for treatment


WFFT received a report from concerned Facebook members and the abbot of a temple, about a monkey with a severe swelling in his mouth that seemed to have trouble eating and appeared to be very weak.

The WFFT wildlife rescue team visited the area were the monkey was seen several times, but the monkey was very difficult to approach and fled into the steep forest every time our rescue staff tried to shoot and sedate it.

On our third visit we finally got him! The abbot of the temple and a local animal lover were happy to hear the news that the monkey was caught; “we are so grateful WFFT came and help, we have not seen any other team or government official respond to our cry for help, now we hope for the best of treatment by the WFFT medical team. Thank you!”

The monkey is now taken straight for an x-ray and blood-check to diagnose the problem. We will do or best to treat him and get him back to health. Great job Jock, Dr Eve and Jansaeng Sangnanork

Updates will follow

For more info contact Edwin Wiek

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