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Dental treatment of bears at WFFT

Newly arrived Nuru and old Ompoom receive treatment

Our medical team, led by Dr Eve and Dr Louise, have recently made time in their busy hospital schedule to give dental treatment to newly arrived bear “Nuru” and our long-term resident “Ompoom”. Both bears have suffered dental disease after years innapropriate feeding before rescue and required some heavy-duty treatment!

Fortunately for ‘Nuru’, years of heavy plaque could be removed painlessly under a short anaesthetic but for ‘Ompoom’ an enormous broken canine tooth had to be extracted. The deep rooted bear canine extraction can look traumatic but Oompoom recovered quickly from anaesthesia and surgery and both bears were back to eating their normal, nutritious diet within 24hours at the rescue centre. Free from chronic dental pain, both Nuru and Ompoom enjoy their food even more since surgery.

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