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YOU made it happen! Rescue of monkeys, gibbons and bears…

After days of uncertainty we finally make the first move

Just over 10 days ago we were informed about the plight of several wild animals kept at a zoo in Bangkok. This zoo that has been open for over 30 years was now shutting down due to financial problems and declining visitor numbers. The place was pretty run down and most visitors complained about the small enclosures and overall state of the care of the animals.

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We asked online (through Twitter and Facebook) for help, a rescue of so many animals on such short notice is very difficult even for a quite large rescue center like ours. The plea for help was answered by many of the WFFT Facebook page followers resulting in receiving enough funds to help some right now! We are very happy to be able to rescue the first batch of animals in need; 8 gibbons, 1 macaque, 1 capuchin monkey and two massive overweight Asiatic black bears!

It is great to be able to rescue so many wild animals, but to organize it all one one day takes planning and a lot of people to help out. It was very heart-warming to see staff of the zoo helping us to get the animals out and caring so much about the animals. All staff at the zoo were so happy to know that the bears and primates were going to end up at the WFFT wildlife rescue center.

Our complete team of 9 WFFT staff and volunteers had to break open cages, the doors had been rusted and locks had not been opened for up to 20 years in some cases.

A capuchin monkey and a stump-tailed macaque awaiting the rescue…

The movement of the animals from the tiny zoo cages to our rescue center went well, the sedation of the large bears was a bit time consuming due to their huge amount of fat in their bodies (the sedative spreads slowly with overweight animals) but overall it went smooth. All animals have received their first medical check-up and de-worming shots and have arrived at the WFFT quarantine for an observation period and further medical checks and treatment.

And hereunder the photos of the bears getting out on the first day at WFFT, the morning after the rescue! The two overweight bears have access to a big field with a pool, trees, a climbing tower all in a 4,000 square meter field. This enclosure was build with generous support of RODE RAGE (see here more about them) a group from Australia that have visited us, helped with building and fencing, volunteered and raised lots of funds to help Thailand’s wildlife!

Official website of RODE RAGE

Want to help WFFT to care for the rescued animals, or rescue more? PLEASE CLICK HERE

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