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WFFT Highlights – February 2019

-We had many releases this month! Kicking things off were 3 wild male macaques who were raiding homes. They were relocated to a safe protected area.

-We have had numerous wildfires near us lately which may have contributed to why this rat snake waltzed right into our hospital. It was released as were a yellow-headed temple turtle and loris.

-A male oriental pied hornbill pet either escaped or was released by its owner. He was found at someone else’s house, completely unfazed by humans. We walked right up to him and picked him up. His feet are deformed as though he walked on flat surfaces his whole life. He had to learn how to grab onto perches at WFFT. We have matched him with our 2 rescued females. Hornbills mate for life so time will tell if any of their friendships may blossom into something more.

-One of our bears had a wound on her foot. While sedated, we also cleaned her teeth.

-2 bamboo rats with extreme malocclusion were surrendered to us. Someone saved them from hunters who were planning on eating them. They are considered a delicacy in Thailand.

-The vet hospital got a new ultrasound machine! We used it to rule out anything that would prevent us from matching Ploy with Wen Wen. They both grew up as lonely pets without the company of other langurs so we are excited for them to meet!

-Boon Mee let us treat her tail wound in exchange for a banana buffet.

-Our bears got some fun enrichments recently! A new climbing structure and tire wall was made for Preo and Kawow, and Dodo was give na huge huge termite nest to tear into.

-A big collective awwww for Mike, the 4 day old orphaned macaque!


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