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Nong’s Rescue Mission Goes Sideways

We recently rescued the thickest langur we have ever seen. She was coddled as a house pet and raised on human food. Langurs are supposed to have a leafy diet, but if her owners ate crispy pork, so did she! She had a dog as a friend and some peculiar habits. She would turn her back on a new person and then angle a mirror to observe them. She also likes to slide on her chest across the beams of her new enclosure.

She is rather overweight at 9kg (healthy langurs are 6-7 kg) with a cataract and mass in her left breast. It will take some time for her to adjust to her new diet and lifestyle at WFFT.

On the way back from the rescue, there was a severe storm and our vet truck was hit by a negligent driver. All 3 members of our rescue team were injured. One was actually wounded quite badly and is still recovering from extensive surgeries. We have named this langur after Nong, a seasoned and dedicated animal keeper, and wish for his speedy recovery.

Nong the langur was also thrown from the truck but thankfully did not suffer any injuries beyond a bruised chest. It was a very traumatic day for her as well to be surrendered by her family and then to be involved in this accident.

We would like to thank Mr. Damnuen Warapan for picking up this langur from the crash site at just a moment’s notice while our rescue team was ferried to the hospital. We would also appreciate any donations towards a new hospital truck.

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