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Rescuing Wildlife, the Harsh Reality…

Recently the WFFT Wildlife Hospital Rescue Team were called by a local woman working at Khao Yoi Temple about a female long-tailed macaque who fell from a tree and could not move. The macaque in question had a young infant so the situation was even more urgent. When the Rescue Team arrived on site, they found a poor monkey laying in a gutter. The woman who called us and kept an eye on the injured mother macaque told us the baby was now holding onto another female that we could see walking away with the infant. She was in bad condition. Fast breathing, almost unanimated, the Vet Team decided to give her a light sedative to ensure her safety.

This temple is inhabited by a large population of macaques. Since the rescue team arrived they were observing the situation, many of the monkeys took an interest in what the team were doing, they needed to act fast to avoid any conflict with the concerned monkeys. Once the monkey had been transported to the rescue vehicle, the decision has been made to take her to a clinic to take on x-ray to access her further. The X-ray didn’t reveal any major broken limbs, just a small fracture on a toe but because had big secreting fluid from the anus, the vet decided to ask for further examinations.

She was not doing well and her body was showing that she had some internal problem. With the ultrasound scan, the trauma has been identified: gas and blood clot in her lungs and bladder. She was too unstable. No possible surgery. With only 50% chance of making it she was taken to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital for further treatment. Sadly, a few hours after arriving she passed away. Her injuries were too severe and she was inoperable. Internal bleeding took her away. Rest in peace little one.

It’s the hard reality of the WFFT Rescue Team. Going on rescue operations all over Thailand, making the correct decisions in often highly stressful situations, providing round the clock care for many patients, often saving lives, but also, being powerless. Always trying! Whatever the situation! We always try!! WE NEVER GIVE UP!! It is a real-life commitment for the men and women working at WFFT. Some animals will not make it, but a lot will be able to return back to the wild or have a better life thanks to the work and dedication of our team.

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