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A New Home for Maggie & Chico

WFFT’s rescued great apes Maggie and Chico are on the move 2018! Since their arrival in 2016 they have been going to forest school sessions in the Khao Luk Chang Temple forest close to the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre. As they become larger and get closer to adulthood we must provide them with a more suitable habitat, with a more hands-off management system, they will no longer require a surrogate mother in the form of Shawn Kemp.

This year, thanks to the generous donations, Chico & Maggie are going to have an amazing new home! An incredible open enclosure built to provide a stimulating environment to cater to their very special needs. We consulted with some expert friends and took inspiration from other orangutan facilities to create the perfect new home for Mags and Chics.

Once complete the enclosure will be made up of huge artificial trees with ropes connecting them to real trees within the forested area. The enclosure will provide enough natural forest for them to forage for food and build nests.

A great big thank you to Mike Beets and the International Primate Protection League for making this possible.

The enclosure is still work in progress but we wanted to share with you this big news, and show you the progress.

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See Maggie’s rescue story here: and Chico’s here:


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