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Here is some Great News – Asanee & Wasan move to a new home!!!

Two young male Northern pig-tailed macaques (Macaca leonina) who were rescued just over a year ago have been successfully integrated into a troop of 17 other macaques, and now call a huge open field their home.

Prior to being rescued these young boys had spent the first few years of their lives with chains round their necks, on the 5th floor of a hotel in a busy city. They were used as ‘guard’ macaques, to scare away the smaller urban long-tailed macaques and prevent them from occupying the hotel. These macaques were stolen from the forest homes after witnessing the murder of their mothers, and sold into a life of abuse.

See the rescue story here:

Before they were released into the large open field they spent a few weeks meeting their new friends with the protection of a fence, to prevent any unwanted aggressive encounters. These boys now have another chance, a better life, with trees to climb, pools to swim in and lots of new faces to meet.

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