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Another rescue of electrocuted loris

Electrocuted loris rescued at WFFT

Again a loris was rescued after being electrocuted. The little slow loris was found in Ratchaburi province by farmers in a pine-apple field. The farmers who had just seen a documentary on Thai TV a few weeks ago about the work of WFFT found out were WFFT was located and drove the two hour trip to our rescue center to hand over the loris for treatment.

Some of the burns are very serious, but we have good faith in a slow but sure recovery. Our medical team will do everything they can. This week has been very busy (as usual) with several rescues with only two days to go till Christmas all our treatment cages at the hospital are FULL with rescued animals under medical treatment.

WFFT does not get any funding from any government or organisation to run the WFFT hospital or mobile clinic. You can help! by donating to WFFT directly.

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