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Gibbon rescued from Temple

A 12 year old male pileated gibbon was rescued this week from a temple where he had stayed for the last 10 years. The gibbon was kept solitary for all this time and seemed to be lonely according to the monks at the temple.

In Thailand people donate wild animals often to temples, as a way of merit making, however most monks do not wish to care for the animals and lack the knowledge and means to care for the captive wildlife. We at WFFT were very happy to hear the monks at this temple in Chanthaburi were looking for a better home for their gibbon.

ชะนีมงกุฏจันทบุรี2 ชะนีมงกุฏจันทบุรี

DSC01840 DSC01838

The WFFT mobile wildlife rescue team went on the rescue trip of 6 hours to pick up this handsome boy and he has now been placed in quarantine at WFFT. A further update on him will be given after the medical check up is done.

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