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WFFT Wildlife Rescue Team: A Langur in distress

Earlier this week we received a telephone call from a human rescue team in the South of Thailand about an injured monkey in need of emergency rescue. The animal in question was a female dusky langur (Trachypithecus obscurus), she had been involved a collision with a road vehicle and has sustained severe injuries to the left leg. The accident occurred 4 hours south of the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre, the team headed out immediately to try a save this special primate.

Open arrival to the scene the found a rather stressed langur with a very badly injured leg. The injured leg was visibly broken. To evaluate the situation further and access the damage the team took her to a local clinic to perform an x-ray, you can see the extent of the fracture from the images of the x-ray.

Back at the WFFT Wildlife Hospital, the WFFT Team discussed the treatment options while the old lady (we assume she is elderly due to her physical condition and especially her bad teeth) rested in a less stressful, quiet environment.

The team, planned to perform surgery the following day. The team agreed to try save the leg as without her leg a wild life would be difficult. The vet team inserted an intramedullary pin through the bones of her leg to re-joined the bones. So far the surgery seems a success, we will only be able to confirm this the coming days and weeks. We have named her ‘Rosy’. Rosy is currently recovering from her ordeal in the WFFT Wildlife Hospital in a small recovery enclosure to restrict her movement so her leg can have a chance to heal.

Take a look at the photographs of Rosy’s entire rescue and surgery! (Warning: this album contains some graphic surgery photos). If she makes a full recovery, we hope to release her back to the wild. We’ll keep you updated of her progress.

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