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Friendship at first sight: An endless cuddly moment for Bobo and Nam Phet!

Over the last few days, two lonely souls have been reintroduced to their kin. Both had been poached from the wild when they were babies and kept as pets till their rescues.

And instantly… Instinctively, they knew they were monkeys again!

Remember, Bobo a female Southern pig-tailed Macaque rescued beginning of October 2017 ( see her full story here: ), and Nam Phet, also a female Southern Pig-tailed Macaque, rescue in August of this year (see her full story here: ).

We are so happy for them to be able to act naturally like real monkeys, grooming each other, playing, … Natural instinct won over human cruelty this time!

Let’s wish them a long friendship and an exciting as wild as possible new life, and of course, we’ll keep you update on their progress. Watch this space for updates on meeting Silver, the very handsome male Southern pig-tailed macaque.

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