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Two more gibbons rescued

A male gibbon living at a temple in Bangsaphan, 200 Kms south of the center was loose for over a week and had attacked a few villagers, stealing their food.

When local police tried to catch the gibbon to return it to the tree it was living on (chained) it was always aware of the fact they wanted to catch it and wisely stayed hiding high in the trees.

After several unlucky trials the mayor decided to call in to the Wildlife Rescue Team, standby 24/7. On arrival we found the gibbon was loose for over 8 days already and was in no mood to return to the chain on the tree in front of the temple, although another female gibbon was still there.

The mayor told us he felt this place was no good to keep wildlife and asked us not only to take the male down to the center but also to move the female gibbon with him. Within a few minutes the male gibbon was darted and taken on to the car for a medical check-up, the female gibbon was tranquilized as well and taken to the wildlife rescue center. After quarantine both gibbons were matched and they seemed to like each other so much that we decided to move both to one of the redecorated gibbon islands, sponsored by the IPPL (International Primate Protection League) earlier this year.

Having observed them for a few weeks now we can say they are doing great together on the island, in the trees without chains!!!

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