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Monkey “Hoggle” goes home!

A perfect rescue is one where the animal goes back to the wild in good health!

‘Hoggle’, a shy baby boy was attacked by dogs when he ventured away from his mother at their temple home. He has undergone 3 surgeries to repair deep wounds to his right leg and although he will never regain perfect use of the foot, we are confident he can cope in the wild if his mother will accept him after the several weeks they have spent apart.

Wild monkeys have fully developed wild instincts and are a challenge to handle. Even temporary captivity and basic treatments can be extremely stressful so we aim to get them rehabilitated and, if possible, released quickly and with minimal handling.

See here the photos of “Hoggle” right after rescue and on his release back home!

You can support rescues like this one by donating to our foundation to continue our work.

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