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2 Pig Tailed Macaques Rescued

WFFT rescued 2 northern pig tailed macaques from a resort and horse riding school in Pattaya. They were originally kept as pets to ward off other macaques, but when they started lunging at passing horses, they were moved into small cages. When ownership of the resort changed hands, their care slipped through the cracks. A concerned resident reached out to us and helped arrange for this rescue.

The smaller macaque, Year Kluey, was in a litter filled 1.2m x 1.7m cage that was falling apart, exposing sharp metal at every edge. There were no perches for him to sleep or sit on so he clung to the walls and paced in the filth of decaying food and excrement. He showed signs of stereotypic behavior by rolling his neck every few steps.

The larger macaque, Kluey Jeng, seemed depressed and is very very overweight and inactive. He had more space but paced repeatedly on sharp rusty disintegrating bars. Neither had any water in their cages! They were very dehydrated and were given subcutaneous fluid before the long journey home. With more space and exposure to other macaques, we hope they will settle in nicely to their new life at WFFT.

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