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Update On Temple Dogs

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On a recent trip to Cha-Am, the WFFT vet team made a detour to visit the temple dogs they treated a month ago for mange.

There was a party at the temple so they couldn’t spot all the dogs, but the ones they did see looked completely different. Can you recognise the dogs before and after their treatment?

Completely covered in open sores before, the dogs are now looking completely better. It was also reassuring to notice the locals now feeding the dogs. It is our hope that the locals will continue to take better care of the dogs now that they look healthier.

The WFFT Vet team will return in a few days to repeat the treatment for mange. This will ensure that it doesn’t relapse and the dogs make a full recovery. It isn’t cheap but it’s easy to administer and a single treatment is strikingly transformative for what is a common problem here in Thailand.

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