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An Interspecies Valentine

  • Dogs

A few weeks ago, a local man brought a paralyzed puppy to WFFT, never to return. We have been rehabilitating Charcoal ever since. Another WFFT dog, Effie, was herself immobilized for some time after a car accident several years ago. She has since been keen on befriending hospital patients who are down on their luck. Effie has been assisting us with raising Charcoal, spending much of her day playing with and being chewed on and chased by him.

This week, a local farmer brought us a paralyzed piglet. We noticed immediately that Effie was showing a lot of interest in meeting her as well. The three of them now like to romp about and nap in the sun together. She provides such a calm and loving energy while the little ones take turns chewing on her tail. Love knows no bounds!

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