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Severely Injured Dogs in Need of Help : Double Rescue for the WFFT Team!

A week ago, WFFT staff members noticed two badly injured dogs, close to the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre. It took the WFFT Team a few days to capture these dogs so we could help them and bring them back to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital.

One of the dogs, a black and white male had a large infected wound around his left ear. Probably caused by an attack from another dog, the injury needed to be properly cleaned before treatment. The large wound was full of maggots; it took the team some time to remove them all. A few days later, and after being given special medical care, he was walking around, has been showered, and brushed. The wound was looking better and decision was to to stich a part of it. He is doing great considering the severity of the wound.

The other dog, a brown female, was finally found after a few days searching and brought to the rescue centre. Sadly, the wound was a slightly different to the males, even if also caused by a dog attack, the ear will have to be removed after she feels stronger and be able to undergo surgery.

Luckily and thanks to the perseverance and attentive care of the WFFT Vet Team, both of them will survive and have a chance to enjoy a happy life. We will keep you updated on their situation and progress.


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