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KFC comes to the rescue.

It is not often you have to combine cutting edge medicine with fast food but the two came together recently to help some local dogs in distress.
The WFFT Vet Team were recently alerted to the plight of a dog in a nearby fishing village that had severe mange and secondary wounds. A trip to visit the village was combined with the rescue of a young long tail macaque that had been taken to the university vet hospital in Hua Hin. The fishing village was visited first and it was found to have several dogs with severe mange. After discussing with the locals we found that no one could catch the dogs who were nervous of people.
The team left and picked up the macaque and struck on an idea when discussing lunch options on the way back. The decision to have KFC for lunch was sold by the idea that we could buy extra to tempt the dogs and add a new anti parasitic drug, Simparica. This is effective for fleas, ticks, demodex and sarcoptic mange. By being able to treat the dogs on site we can avoid upsetting the hierarchy in the pack which would create other problems.
Even though these modern drugs are expensive they may prove to be the most cost effective if they can be given easily and without creating other problems. The dogs loved their finger licking snack and all took the medicine eagerly. Sometimes the simple ideas are the best.

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