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“Donald” duck goes home!

Nearby wild population of lesser whistling ducks found The little "lesser whistling duck" Donald, we rescued last week was very lucky! A Thai staff-member of our foundation found a small group of its own species living wild nearby the rescue center and we quickly went to see the group and…

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Purple swamphen release

Two beautiful purple birds go home Purple swamphens (Porphyrio porphyrio) are wetland birds that are found from South Asia to South-east Asia. In Thailand they have become quite rare as they live in wetlands that are now frequently developed into resort areas, shrimp farms and rice fields. Two of these…

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Owlet growing up before release

Asian barred owlet "Alice" getting ready to be released "Alice" is a very young Asian barred owlet, that was found under a tree by villagers. After taking in Alice into the care of the WFFT veterinary team she needed to be fed 24/7 to grow into a healthy bird of…

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Rescued hornbill released back to the wild

Billy the hornbill back to the forests! After a few years living as a pet there is a happy ending for Billy the hornbill. Billy is a (southern pied) hornbill that was recently rescued by WFFT as it was kept as a pet in Bangkok. He was kept for a…

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