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‘I believe I can Fly’… Or at least finally have to opportunity to do it.

Here is an update on Ma Ruay the 3 years old Brahminy Kite who arrived earlier this month at the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre after his owners felt he needed a more suitable home (see his full story here:
Because the cage he had been kept in for two years was so small and clearly not suitable his wing muscles are in a poor state and it will take some time before he gets the strength back to fly properly. Also, his flying skills are really basic because this cage didn’t give him the space to train and exercise at all. Despite his past his quarantine was doing well: he is eating a variety of food, such as fresh fish, chicken and pork. After a new medical exam (his general body condition is good beside his wing muscles), he has been moved out of the hospital into a larger enclosure where he will be able to spread his wings and work out. He is able to hop, jump and glide from branch to branch and has explored every corner of his new enclosure. Hopefully his natural avian instincts will return and lead him to fly naturally soon. We will keep you updated on his evolution and progress but for now he is reaching heights none of us imagined possible.

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