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Birds in Paradise…

The WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre is home to over 600 rescued animals from over 40 different species. Most of these have been victims of the illegal wildlife wildlife trade. Many of them cannot be released back to the wild due to the trauma they have suffered at the hands of man so we try to provide them with as natural a home as possible. In addition, these homes become havens for some of Thailand’s diverse and fascinating wildlife.

We have begun documenting the number of bird species seen within the WFFT grounds. This is not an easy task but so far, we have recorded over 160 species. From the large endangered Green Peafowl that wander freely between bears and elephants to the tiny vibrant sunbirds. Unlike our residents these birds are free to come and go as they wish. There are seasonal migrants such as the many raptors seen in WFFT’s Project 4 and the surrounding forest is famous amongst birders for woodpeckers, cuckoos and owlets. This project is ongoing but the current list of birds can be found at the link:

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