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NEW ARRIVAL: injured juvenile Painted Stork

Injured animals keep coming!

NEW ARRIVAL: a stunning juvenile Painted Stork in a huge amount of pain. Please give a little today and help with the surgery and care costs to help this stork (hopefully) get back to the wild.

We suspect from the injuries that this Painted Stork was hit by a car or experienced some other kind of impact trauma. The stork was found at a restaurant where the people there, kindly, kept it safe and tried to provide some first aid.

The stork has a broken leg and will likely need surgery to pin the bones together. Otherwise, there is no hope of the stork getting back to the wild. It is only with your generosity that we can be there for wild animals in urgent need. Any donation, big or small, can help this beautiful Painted Stork.

There are estimated to be only 1-10,000 individuals in South-East Asia. The species is classified as Near Threatened (NT) on the IUCN Red List and its numbers are decreasing.

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