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What a Babe…

Yesterday, the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre gave refuge to a very special soul. We are indeed a ‘Wildlife’ Rescue Centre, although sometimes we are called to the aid of domestic animals. Meet Babe, a very special domestic piglet who touched our hearts when we heard of his plight.

This young pig had been saved from drowning in a river by some concerned members of the public. They managed to save him and take him to the Phetchaburi Livestock Dept. office, who then called us for help. The vets at the Livestock Dept. knew that WFFT could provide this little guy with a new life. The WFFT Rescue Team went to collect this rather distinctive looking little guy. Upon arrival to WFFT Babe was given his own special quarantine pen, with a pool, a little shelter and ample amounts of freshly cut hay, which he absolutely loves to role around and sleep in. We estimate that Babe is around 3 months old.

We are unsure as to where he came from, was he an unwanted farm animal that had been thrown in the river? was he an escaped pet that had fallen into the river? He is surprisingly comfortable around humans so this indicates that he has experienced kindness from humans at some point in his short life.

As you have probably noticed from the photographs, this poor lost little critter has a congenital facial deformity, he will have been born with this disability. Some may think that he is an ugly odd little thing, however the whole team at WFFT have fell head over heals for this special little boy, and we look forward to seeing him grow into a big boar and making some new piggy friends with WFFT’s other rescued animals. We will sure keep you posted on his progress.


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