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Welcome to Som Boon and Pun Pon!

Last week a local family called the WFFT wildlife hospital about some wild boars they could not keep anymore.
8 years prior, a pregnant female boar had escaped from a  farm nearby, and arrived at their home. The mother gave birth to 4 babies: two males (Som Boon & Pun Pon) and two females.  The mother was killed by hunters, the family took care of the babies. Hand rearing them from 3 days old, feeding them every 2 hours. They quickly grew and the family continued to take care of them as best they could.

But recently the arrival of a baby in the family changed everything. It became too dangerous to let the little child, who just learned how to walk, around those massive boars. They had to tether the boars. But even then, the situation was not livable, neither for the kid nor the animals. It became clear they had to let go of the male boars.
This is when our vet team came in.
After thinking about the different options, a decision was made to go rescue the boars.

Due  to their size the boars were sedated to allow them to be moved to the center.

On their arrival at WFFT rescue centre, Som Boon & Pun Pon were placed in 2 side enclosures next to our large forested wild boars enclosure. Hopefully they will soon join the herd and meet Simon (our 3 legs cows). We will keep you updated on our 2 new residents and their new non-domestic life.

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