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Breaking News from the Tiger Temple!!!

The hideous practices of the Tiger Temple have been further highlighted by this mornings dreadful discovery. Authorities found freezers full of dead animals including 40 tiger cubs, a bear, a binturong and many other animals body parts. These animals were never registered with the authorities and who knows how the…

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Tiger Temple Update 31/5/2016

This morning at 06:00AM the DNP will continue the sedation and moving of the tigers from the tiger temple. A total of 7 tigers were moved yesterday and have arrived around 8PM at the centre of the government. To make it very clear and in reply to many questions asked…

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The beginning of the End….

Today was the first day of the official confiscations of all the tigers from the Tiger Temple Thailand. After years and years of fighting for justice the time has finally come. Thailand’s DNP, the Kanchanaburi Provincial Police, the Thai armed forces and, WFFT and other Thai NGO’s were there to…

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Update on the Tiger Temple Confiscations

The current confiscation of the illegally held tigers at Thailand’s Tiger Temple is becoming more and more peculiar. It has been proven on numerous occasions that the Tiger Temple has been involved in the illegal trade of at least three tigers. It has been confirmed that these three tigers disappeared…

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