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Today is Darwin’s birthday! We’ve compiled some interesting evolutionary facts about our rescued wildlife. Did you know there is a “6 legged” tortoise and that lorises have 2 tongues? Check it out!

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Samui Snake Rescues for November

WFFT's partner, Samui Snake and Wildlife Rescue, had a very busy November. They rescued 15 snakes, 4 tokays, 2 birds, and 2 sugar gliders. Great job, Phil!   The king cobra rescue was featured on the news as well. Check it out here:

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Large Shipment Reptiles Seized in Laos

ກະລຸນນາກົດອ່ານພາສາລາວຂ້າງລຸ່ມ Earlier this week the Laos Wildlife Rescue Centre received call for help from the Laos Government regarding a large confiscation of animals at the Thai-Laos border. A man had tried to smuggle 70 juvenile reptiles of various species into Laos over the Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge, which crosses over the…

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Nagini Returns to the Wild

After 2 days in a recovery cage at the WFFT Wildlife being monitored by the WFFT Vet Team, Nagini, the biggest reticulated python we ever hosted at the center, has been returned back to the wild. Yesterday the vet team headed out to a protected forest area, where Nagini was…

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