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Celine gets a new Home!

Recently a human rescue team from Phetchaburi contacted the WFFT rescue team about an Iguana they had to take off someone’s hands.This Female Adult of 4 or maybe 5 years old, who’s been called Celine was previously kept as a pet.
Iguanas have became very popular as pets. They are the victims of the growing exotic pet market. Pretty cheap to buy and fashionable to have, but they need a lifetime of special care that a lot of owners become tired of providing after a certain amount of time.
The owners could not keep her anymore, for their own reasons and contacted the Phetchaburi rescue team to take her. They contacted the center and the team went out and picked her up and brought her back to her new home.
Celine will not go back to the wild and can’t by law. Iguanas are non-native animals to Thailand and as a consequence, cannot be introduced to the ecosystem of the country. Native to Central and South America their habitats look very similar but our native species have not adapted to living with these predators. We do not normally rescue non native species but in this case it is preferable to owners simply releasing animals to the wild.
Celine the iguana is in good condition and will soon enjoy the happiness of having a real adapted home and the special care and attention she needs… For the rest of her life.
Welcome Celine.

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