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Life of Bryan…

Yesterday morning some local people brought a very badly injured Burmese Python (Python Bivittatus) to the WFFT Wildlife Hospital for urgent veterinary treatment. The python in question was found by the side of a road with a huge laceration along his body, some of his organs were exposed. They caught the snake and brought him to us.

The Burmese python is listed Vulnerable (VU) by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. It is estimated that populations have declined by at least 30% over the past ten years across its global range as a result of over-harvesting for a variety of uses, harvesting for the skin, traditional medicine and pet trade, as well as habitat degradation have resulted in this drastic decline.

We suspect that Bryan has been involved in some kind of human-wildlife conflict as the wounds suggests that he has been cut with a knife or machete. The WFFT got straight to work trying to save the life of this special snake. Bryan was taken into emergency surgery, his wound was cleaned and stitched up. His injuries are severe so we do not know yet if Bryan will survive. We will keep you posted in his progress, and hopefully his eventual release back to the wild.

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