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The Rescue of an unfortunate Macaque

The Wildlife Friends Mobile Clinic funded by “Care for the Wild International” responded to another emergency.

This time we were called in by the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority and the CHo So Roi (CHS 100Mhz) radio station to help out with the catch and treatment of a macaque that had a metal wire around its waist for over one year.

It took us three days in total to get the macaque and treat it, the mangrove forest was a perfect hiding place for this unfortunate monkey and his group protected him well against us “the intruders”.

The rescue of the macaque was broadcasted live on the radio and phone calls from many people in and around Bangkok were received expressing their gratitude and joy about the successful rescue.

The macaque will be kept for a week at the quarantine center and when ready be released back to its troop…

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