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Stump-tailed Macaques living close to nature at WFFT

See how our stump tailed macaques live in a small forest of their own! This enclosure was financially sponsored by Anouk Starrenburg.

With the latest macaque habitat (sponsored by Anouk Starrenburg from the Netherlands, as well as contributions from volunteers and the adoption scheme) we have now been able to create a truly natural experience for all the stump-tailed macaques at WFFT. This is one of the rarer of the five macaque species native to the region, yet like so many other non-human primates, these intelligent and social animals are poached from the wild as pets or tourist attractions, denied a natural existence and contact with their own kind. “Ting-Tong”, after recovering from his paralysis caused by spinal stenosis (see Ting-Tong’s miracle, news April 2008), is now wandering around and foraging in a massive 2000m^2 area of forest with huge trees to climb and shelter in with all his friends including “Sid”, “Stinky”, “Resort” and twelve other lucky stump-tailed macaques. The pictures speak for themselves. “Mink”, “Joi” and “Tjieuw” are in separate large enclosures adjoining this field, stump-tailed macaques at WFFT to socialize and interact with each other.

Moving the stump-tailed macaques to this new complex has enabled us to renovate their old 1000m2 field and offer an upgrade in living conditions for a newly established group of pig-tailed macaques, including “Seb”, which many ex-volunteers may remember fondly. See images of Anouk’s field here!

Unfortunately, not all monkeys will happily socialize in the same group, so there are several macaques still awaiting upgrade to this class of enclosure, as well as many more still to be rescued. Therefore we see the need to construct at least another one macaque field within the next year. If you would like to support our work by volunteering or adopting an animal, please contact

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